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Beställare: Levis Tattoo

Get to know Antal Tamasi

Antal Tamasi, also known as Anti has made a name for himself in the Gothenburg tattoo scene over the past year.
He came to Levis Tattoo in February 2020 as a guest artist and after a couple of visits, he decided to move to Gothenburg permanently.
The minimalistic style and precision lines is an unmistakeable characteristic of this very talented artist.


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Precision Precision Precision

Anti is meticulous and if you are looking for accuracy bordering on scary, this is your man.
He draws up his work freehand with a ballpoint pen and the precision is flawless.
His style is one of a kind and you can easily spot his work.

tattoo artist Hisingen
Anti doing his thing

A soft spoken and modest artist

Anti comes from Budapest, Hungary, he got in to animation and the film industry at an early age and worked as an animator before he got in to tattooing.
His style is one of a kind and closely related to comics an animation. Anti is modest and easy to talk to, he lives for his work and you can tell he enjoys creating.
The style is unique in every aspect, innovative and minimalistic and leaning heavily in to comics and animation.
The originality of his work is absolute.

one of a kind

Seven questions for Anti

So, Anti, where do you get your inspiration and ideas?
I get my inspiration from animated films and comics, I think that shows in my work (smile)

Okay, so do you have a favorite when it comes to animated films?
– Wow, good question, lots to choose from, If I have to pick one…..Rick and Morty, not a film but my favorite thing to watch nowadays.

How do you feel about your artwork?
– I cant imagine drawing or tattooing anything else, this style is me, and when I do other stuff I find it really challenging.

Whats your favorite food?
– Anything vegetarian

Favorite Movie?
– I love Bladerunner.

Whats playing in you headphones?
– Death metal

You have been in Gothenburg for a year now, do you miss Budapest?
– No, not at all, people are not so stressed here, the air is better, everything is better.


If you get an appointment with Anti, you can expect to be really happy about your piece.
Especially if you are in to comics and that little hint of darkness that brings the mind to Edgar Allan Poe or Tim Burton.




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